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Mteryti in the community

Mteryti® and Duchesnay USA are committed to improving women's health and quality of life during pregnancy and breastfeeding, while reducing the number of babies born with birth defects.

Duchesnay USA donated 10,000 boxes of Mteryti® prenatal supplements to pregnant women in need at recent launch of Dr. Lisa Masterson’s “Mobile Mom Squad”, an initiative from Pregnancy Health Aide (PHA) and Lisa M. Masterson, MD, that launches its Mobile Mom Squad, a vehicle that provides health service delivery to needy moms-to-be around the USA.

elizabeth house

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See photos of Duchesnay USA's donation of 10,000 boxes of Mteryti at the launch of Dr. Lisa Masterson's "Mobile Mom Squad".

Dr Lisa
Dr Lisa Show
Jeep arriving
Lisa and Elizabeth House staff
Lisa and staff
Lisa Interview
Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa

As part of the Mobile Moms Squad’s initial voyage, Dr. Lisa Masterson has delivered boxes of Mteryti® to Pasadena County’s (California) Elizabeth House, a residential shelter committed to ending the cycle of homelessness and abuse among women and children.

Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa: Elizabeth House


Dr. Lisa talks to Nzinga Blake and Tanika Ray of Playdate w/ TNZ about their new Playdate Project and their efforts to educate and inspire moms.

Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa: Playdate Project with Tanika & Nzinga



Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center

Learn more about California’s Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center, one of the beneficiaries of Duchesnay USA’s donation of Mteryti®.


Take your first
2 baby steps with Mteryti®

An effective two-step MultiVitamin/MultiMineral supplement regimen specially designed to help you and your growing baby stay healthy before, during and after your pregnancy.

Tailored Formula specially designed to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby!

  • Two unique MultiVitamin/MultiMineral Supplement Tablets:
    • Mteryti® with 1.1 mg of Folic Acid
    • Mteryti® Folic 5 with 5 mg of Folic Acid for women who may be at higher risk of developing a neural tube defect (NTD) - affected pregnancy.
  • Recommended for use under the supervision of a physician or a healthcare professional.

Two-step regimen to help optimize key nutrients absorption

  • Morning Tablet (pink), Night tablet (blue (1.1 mg of folic acid) or dark blue (5 mg of folic acid))
  • Iron and Calcium are separated
  • Both tablets are imprinted with the pink image of a pregnant woman.

Gentle and easy to take

  • Smaller tablets are easier to swallow
  • Less constipation, upset stomach, nausea, and vomiting compared to other prenatal multivitamins
  • Lactose, gluten and tartrazine free—and has received the Kosher, Kosher for Passover, and Halal certifications
    Mteryti Food Logos

Packaged for convenience and safety

  • Individually sealed (blister pack) to eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Blister pack helps you keep track of daily tablet-taking
  • Designed to help keep children away from medication and to decrease the probability of a child ingesting all tablets in the box

About Duchesnay USA

Duchesnay USA is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a long-standing commitment to women’s health. Until recently, we focused on filling the void in terms of scientific research and education and on developing pharmacological solutions that are safe and effective for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Today, Duchesnay has broadened its portfolio of products to offer safe and effective therapeutic options that meet the health and quality of life needs of women and their family members at different stages of their lives.

For more information about Duchesnay USA, please visit www.DuchesnayUSA.com.